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Offset rullat

Cheshire Anilox Technology offers high quality laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls for a variety of coating applications, including offset, gravure, laminating, metallic, aqueous, UV and specialty coatings.


Cheshire has developed new engravings that provide more consistent and uniform coat weights.


Twinflo for high gloss and uniform coat ings

The most important advantages of this unique double channel engraving are consistent coat weights across the sheet, higher gloss levels, flatter loads and less coating consumption due to its high transfer capacity.


Twinflo engravings keep clean for longer, its open structure with no cell walls reduces clogging as the cell bottoms are easily accessible by standard and routinely cleaning methods


Easyflo for high viscous and UV coat ings

Specially designed to use with UV coatings producing smoother laydowns and removing the problem of orange-peel effect when using high viscous and UV coatings.


Determining the anilox cell volume in order to achieve superior and repeatable results is essential. Cheshire can determine the cell volume for any coating application by measuring and matching or by calculating it from the requested dry coat weight. Please contact one of our sales representatives to find out how Cheshire can help you to design the optimum screen for your coating application.


Offset rullat