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MultiDX! 220

Just like many other areas of printing, Metal Decorating is deservedly undergoing a migration towards CTP plate production. The traditional methods of using digital film to expose analogue printing plates is being replaced by direct exposure of digital printing plates. The same technology is being used to expose dry offset, waterless offset, and Flexo plates alike. This direct exposure simplifies production by removing the need for a filmsetter, its associated costs, and the process steps involved.


Now, by working in co-operation with leading users, Lüscher has developed innovative, specialised, and high performance solutions especially tuned towards the needs of Metal Decorating customers.


Technical specificationsMultiDX!Unit
Standard resolution2400 2540dpi
Option high resolution3200  4000  4800  5080dpi
Maximum plate size800 x 600 (311/2“ x 231/2“)mm (inches)
Minimal plate sizeAny meaningful plate size will fit
Throghput 1)Up to 25plates per hour
Laser type 1Infrared High Power Laser 940 (TH)nm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1746 x 1485 x 1502 (68.7 x 58.5 x 59.1)mm (inches)
Weightapprox. 600 (1322)kg (lb)
Power supply2 x 230 V 50 – 60 Hz + N + PE 16A
Power consumption0.9 kW/h maximal power needs
Environmental conditions50 – 65% air humidity at 18 – 25°C (64.4 – 77 °F)


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