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For many years the industry standard cell configuration has been 60 degrees. Due to new laser technology improved cell shapes have now been produced. The maxflo has evolved to offer many advantages with ink lay down and improved print quality.


The standard 60° engraving pattern has a honeycombed structure which offered good uniformity but due to its conical profile only released around 60% of its total volume. Problems would occur as the left over ink often congealed or dried causing plugging of the Anilox cells.


Improved ink relase

The maxflo still has a 60º angle but with a distinct advantage :

By stretching the cell shape the laser no longer focuses at the base of the cell, which in the past had created the conical effect. Instead the new technology multi-hits the cell walls creating a boat- shaped cell which is vastly more efficient at releasing ink, completely eradicating the cleaning problem of the past and allowing the printer to use a finer Anilox without loss of density or volume.


Can an anilox do it all?

Now combination print jobs can be done with one anilox roll, achieving outstanding colour densities in the solid areas and sharp and cleaner vignettes.


Ultra fine line counts without loss of density

Increased colour strength can now be achieved using finer anilox roll cell counts to maximise print quality a Standard 60o nd improve ink mileage.