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Multi-Substrate Premium Printing


The FA-Line of advanced, modular UV-flexo presses sets the standard for sophisticated, yet easy-to-control printing. These third-generation servo-driven presses feature a broad range of printing options and the flexibility to handle future printing and converting technologies.


Available in 13”, 16”, 20”, and 22” widths, the FA-Line is ideal for handling an extremely broad range of multi-substrate packaging materials.


Easy-load sleeve technology provides super-fast make-ready. And the optional Press Management Center helps control all print jobs and lets you preset process and production parameters, ensuring exceptional quality.


With low waste and set-up times reduced to seconds per unit, these presses give you easy-to-operate, cutting-edge technology.



  • Max. aukirullain 800 mm
  • Max. kiinnirullain 700 mm
  • Värien määrä 1 – 10
  • Max. rataleveys 280 mm
  • Max. painoleveys 260 mm
  • Max. painopituus 381 mm
  • Max. painonopeus 175 M/min
  • UV-kuivatus tai perinteinen ilmakuivaus



  • Silkkipainoyksikkö
  • Kuuma-/kylmäfolio

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