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The AquaSupreme is a complete photopolymer machine for processing water washable flexo printing plates up to 800x1050mm (31″x41″). With the AquaSupreme a perfect flexo printing plate can be made in a very short time.
The plate to be washed out is fixed in the orbital washout unit on a sticky base plate. The plate is washed out in a mixture of water and 1% dishwasher soap, at a temperature of approximately 40°C. The unit is equipped with a dual membrane filter. With this the environmental burdening is kept to an absolute minimum. The membrane unit separates photopolymer from the washout water. After addition of absorb gelatine for example, the photopolymer residue can be disposed of as standard solid waste together with household refuse. The recycled water is re-used without adding any detergent.


PLC Digital Display:

  • Back exposure
  • Main exposure
  • Washout time
  • Drying time
  • Anti tacking
  • Post exposure

The PLC is operated by touchscreen control.


The AquaSupreme is provided with:

  • Combined exposure unit
  • High output U.V. exposure unit
  • Vacuum table
  • Hot air dryer with multiple shelves
  • Integrated light-finisher
  • Automatically opening washout unit
  • Temperature control
  • Adjustable brush
  • Water tank with pump and membrane


The stainless steel units consist of:

  • A combined exposure unit / hot-air dryer / Anti-Tacker
  • An exposure unit with high-output U.V. lamps for very short exposure times and a vacuum table
  • A temperature controlled hot-air dryer with 3 drawers
  • An integrated light finisher (Anti-Tacker)
  • An automatic opening washout unit with orbital washout movement, temperature control, adjustable brush, water tank with pump and sophisticated membrane


Optional combi drawer

With the optional combi drawer, detacking and post exposing are combined in one drawer, which gives the possibility of detacking and post-exposing a plate at the same time or they can be run automatically one after the other. This decreases time and handling spent on making a flexo printing plate.



Dimensions of the washer: 1570 x 1380 x 1220 mm / 62 x 55 x 49 inch
Dimensions of the exposure unit / Dryer: 1350 x 1230 x 1070 mm / 54 x 49 x 43 inch
Electrical connection : 400V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 16 Amp. (other voltages available on request)

There is also an option of an in-line AquaSupreme version. Our excellent filtration system together with a well proven design ensures a clean and easy operation.